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Troubleshooting Of Large Current Generator

Time:2020-07-24 Number:5

       In this section, GDZX lists several common fault phenomena of large current generator and summarizes the corresponding troubleshooting methods. Please see the following. 
DDG large current generator.jpg

Fault phenomenon 1: there is no display when starting up

Cause analysis:

1. The power is not connected. Troubleshooting: turn on the power. Note: the fuse tube of the same type shall be replaced instead of other models

2. The 20A fuse tube of the instrument is not properly installed or open circuit. Troubleshooting: re install the fuse tube or replace the fuse tube;

Fault phenomenon 2: the output current can not reach the rated value

Cause analysis:

1. Input wiring error. Troubleshooting: rewire

2. Too much load. Troubleshooting: reduce the load

Fault phenomenon 3: no current and voltage indication

Cause analysis:

1. Equipment internal plug-in is loose; Troubleshooting: check the equipment to find out the loose place and plug it in again to eliminate the fault

2. Test circuit has open circuit fault; Troubleshooting: check the test circuit to eliminate open circuit fault

       GDZX specializes in the production of high voltage test equipment. DDG series large current generator adopts split/integrated structure, which has the characteristics of current rising balance, wide load variation range, reliable performance, simple operation and safe use. It is an ideal equipment for power plants, power transformation and distribution stations, electrical equipment manufacturers, scientific research and laboratory units to conduct current rise or temperature rise test.