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ZX-NZY01 Battery Condition Analyzer

 ZX-NZY01 Battery Condition Analyzer (hereinafter called “Analyzer”) safely and effectively. Please read the manual carefully so as to obtain maximal performance of the Tester. 

Technical indicators

Model Numbers: 

ZX-NZY01P (Base Kit with pin probe)  

ZX-NZY01T (Base Kit with testing clamp)  ZX-NZY01C (Complete Kit with both pin probe and testing clamp)


Test single Lead-Acid or Nickel-Cadmium cell or battery string (one by one after setting once).  

Cell types supported: 1.2V, 2V, 6V, 12V and other customized types up to 6000Ah.  Voltage:  

0.000V—25V DC


0.001 mΩ--100mΩ


100 - 19,990 Siemens

Test Data Storage:  

100,000 cells stored internally, unlimited with

USB drive exportation


Resistance/Conductance: 1%        

Voltage: 0.15%

Voltmeter Resolution:  1mV

User Programmable Functions:  

• Customized battery types  

• Low voltage alarm setting  

• High resistance alarm setting

• Test mode (push button/touch screen/autostart)

Cable Options:  

• Pin probe  

• Test Clamp   

• Custom cables by quotation

Power supply:  

• Li-ion battery (4000mAh), 8~12hours working time after full charge


272*480 pixel, 4.3”TFT Touch Screen LCD  

Data Transfer:  

USB via micro USB cable

Operation Environment:  0~40℃,  90%  relative  humidity,non-condensing

Storage Temperature:  


Over Voltage Protection:  

• Auto-reset disconnect

• Reverse polarity protected

Housing Material:  

Acid  resistant  ABS  plastic  santoprene overmold

Tester Dimensions:  L186*W98*H40 mm

Analyzer Weight:  0.45KG 

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