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YDQ series HV acousto-optical electroscope

The High voltage electroscope is the necessary security tools for electric system and industrial and mining electricity operation. It is used for testing 0.1 KV-500 KV lines or equipment whether running with power frequency voltage, ensure the personal safety.

Technical indicators
ModelVoltageSafe testing distance(mm)Rod length(mm)(shrink/extend)
YDQ-II0.1-10KV 0.4M280/1000mm
YDQ-1010KV 0.4M280/1000mm
YDQ-3535KV 0.6M380/1500mm
YDQ-110110KV 1.0M480/2000mm
YDQ-220220KV 1.8M1320/3000mm
YDQ-330330KV 2.6M1500/3500mm
YDQ-500500KV 3.0M2100/5000mm
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