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Four Test Methods Of Transformer Winding Deformation

Time:2020-07-31 Number:16

       There is no doubt about the importance of transformer winding deformation test. The transformer winding deformation tester is specially used for transformer winding deformation test. By detecting the amplitude frequency response characteristics of each winding of transformer, and comparing the detection results at various levels, the possible winding deformation of transformer can be judged according to the change degree of amplitude frequency response characteristics. The following state power star belt you understand the transformer winding deformation test of four test methods.

I Conventional method

       It is difficult to diagnose transformer winding deformation because of its low sensitivity.

II Capacitance method

       For example, when using bridge to measure the dielectric loss of transformer winding and bushing, the concentrated capacitance CL of low voltage winding to ground, the capacitance CHL between high and low voltage windings and the capacitance ch of high voltage winding to ground can be measured and calculated.

II Low voltage impedance method

       By measuring the impedance or leakage reactance of transformer winding at 50 Hz, it can be judged whether the transformer winding has deformation endangering operation, such as inter turn short circuit, open circuit, coil displacement, etc.

IV Frequency response method

       Input sweep voltage signal vs (sine wave voltage signals with different frequencies in turn) at one end of the winding, and simultaneously detect the voltage signals VI (n) and VO (n) at both ends of the winding under different scanning frequencies by digital recording equipment, so as to obtain the transfer function H (n) of the transformer winding under test

       Through the comparison of four test methods, we know that the frequency response method has obvious advantages over other methods. The transformer winding deformation tester is made according to the frequency response method. GDZX is a power test equipment manufacturer, professional R & D team and first-class service, so that customers are more assured!