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ZX-BRY01 Transformer Winding deformation Tester

This transformer winding deformation tester is for testing of power transformer (voltage level at or above 6kV) and other transformers with special purpose. The power transformer is inevitably vulnerable to impulse of various fault short-circuit current or physical collision in the process of operation and transportation. The transformer windings may lose stability under the powerful electro-dynamic force exerted by such short-circuit current, which could result in permanent deformations such as local distortion, swell or dislocation and will severely affect safe operation of the transformer. Deformation of transformer windings can be measured with frequency response analysis method according to national standard DL/T911-2004 for electric power industry, i.e. detect amplitude-frequency response characteristics of each transformer winding and make vertical or horizontal comparison of the detection result to judge possible deformation of the transformer winding based on change of amplitude-frequency response characteristics.

Transformer winding deformation tester consists of measuring part and analysis software part. The measurement part is under high-speed microcontroller control, capable of signal generation and signal measurement. The measurement section is connected to the tablet via the wireless WIFI interface. It is not wired, easy to use, and can be connected to a tablet or laptop using wireless Bluetooth and USB.

Technical indicators

1.Two sweep methods:

1)Linear sweep range (10Hz) - (10MHz) 40000 dots;resolution 0.25kHz, 0.5kHz, 1kHz

2)Section sweep range (0.5kHz) - (1MHz), 2000 dots

2.Test range: -120dB to +20dB

3.Test accuracy: 0.1dB

4.Sweep frequency accuracy: 0.01%

5.Signal input impedance: 1MΩ

6.Signal output impedance: 50Ω

7.Signal output range: +/-20V
8.Same phase test reproductivity: 99.99%

9.Carrying box dimension:390*310*340mm

10.Total weight: 13KG

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