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Mexican Customer Purchased A Batch Of Power Equipment From GDZX

Time:2020-06-09 Number:70

       At the end of last year, the Mexican customers who came to GDZX for on-the-spot investigation were optimistic about the products and comprehensive strength of GDZX. He expressed, I want to cooperate with you. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic brought a heavy blow to Wuhan, and many enterprises were struggling. Even so, GDZX actively strive to maintain online contact with customers, and many old customers choose to continue to cooperate with GDZX, including this Mexican customer.

       Recently, this Mexican customer reached an agreement with GDZX to purchase a batch of equipment of our company. It includes: ZXCZ-30A ground wire group DC resistance tester, ZXHL-100P loop resistance tester, ZX-BC full-automatic transformation ratio tester, ZXR-40A DC resistance tester, ZXZH-II SF6 gas comprehensive tester, ZXHQ-B+ frequency conversion transformer comprehensive characteristic tester, ZXKC-H high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester, ZXKC-IV high voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester, etc.

       In this batch of equipment, there are high-voltage switch dynamic characteristic tester and DC resistance tester that customers are very interested in last year. At that time, relevant technical personnel of GDZX gave customers detailed on-site operation, demonstration and explanation. The customer was very satisfied at that time. Because of this, customers believe GDZX and chose GDZX's equipment.


       At present, this batch of equipment has been sent to Mexico. Soon, this batch of equipment will be safely delivered to customers across the sea.

       As a professional power equipment manufacturer, GDZX has good product quality, complete models and guaranteed services. Customers are all over the world. Welcome all users and friends in the industry to exchange and cooperate.