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ZXKC-H High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristics Tester

High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristics Tester is specially developed and produced to test the dynamic characteristics of various high voltage switches, such as oil switches, vacuum switches and sulfur hexafluoride switches. It is equipped with 8.4 inch color display, windows system, friendly interface, touch panel, suitable for on-site work

Technical indicators
Time measurement12channels  break switch fixed opening (closing) time
 Opening (closing) inner-phase with asynchronism
 Opening (closing) interphase with asynchronism
 Opening (closing) bounces time (and times)
Testing range0.01ms10000ms. resolution:0.5%±1digits
velocity measurement range1mm sensor 0.01~25.00m/s, instant opening (instant closing) velocity
Appointed time slot( stroke segment or
angle segment) average velocity
0.1mm sensor 0.001~2.50m/s
360 dgree angle sensor:0.01~25.00ms/s
stroke measurement moving contact stroke (stroke)
 contact stroke (opening)
 overshoot stroke or retrace (over travel)
Sensor measurement rangeliner sensor :50mm, stroke 0~50mm resolution: 0.1mm,
360 wire sensor360°stroke: 0~1000mmresolution:0.1 degree,
Acceleration sensorstroke: 0~300mmresolution:0.1 degree,
currentmaximum current output:30Aresolution0.01A
Instrument power supplyAC/DC 220V ± 10%50Hz ± 2%
DC power supplyDC20~260v continuous adjustment, current output: DC110V≤30A(short time )
DC220V≤ 20A(short time ), External trigger voltage: AC/DC10-300Vcurrent≤120A
disconnecting switch measurement range(1). Voltage output: DC20~260V(adjustable)
(2). Current output time: 0.01~20 s (settable)
(3). contact signal maximum acquisition time: 200s
(4).Measurable contact closing, opening time,
three phase asynchronism, bounce time and frequency .
Host size360×260×170mm
operating environment-20~+50 centigrade
relative humidity≤90%
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