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XDCF3986 Intelligent Battery charge and discharge Tester

This device is a complex unit which provides one-stop-solution for battery maintenance, with functions of charge and discharge, single cell test, wireless online monitoring and battery activation, which will enable you to know your batteries comprehensively.

Technical indicators
discharge voltage range96~270VResolution: 10mV; error 0.1V
Total charge voltage output180~286Vcontinuous adjustableResolution: 10mV error 0.1V
Charge/discharge Single cell voltage0.000V~16.00VResolution:1mV;error10V
Charge/discharge current0~30AResolution 0.1mV;error1A
Power supplyAC 3P4W 380V 
Input load voltage220V 
charge/discharge time0~99 hour 59 min 
Cooling methodForced air cooling
discharge loadPTC ceramic resistance
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