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ZX-A10 Cable Fault Tester

ZX-A10 Cable Fault Locator integrated industrial embedded computer platform, Network Communications Service and USB communication system to improve the utilization of the device. Specially, the device has loaded a system for underground buried cable data save and meet the national standard of 《DL/T849.1~ DL/T849.3-2004》. The device consists 3 parts:  main system, fault locator and cable line tester. It is used for cable fault location, cable line and depth test and daily maintenance of cable data. It can also be used for signal cable fault location for railway station and airport. 

Technical indicators


1) can be used for test cable fault for different voltage levels, different sections and different medium, including open circuit, short circuit, low resistance, high resistance leakage, high resistance failure flashover.

2) can be used for testing signal cable fault for railway station, airport.

3) can be used for testing wave propagation speed of the cable which length is known.

4) can be used for testing the cable route and depth.

5) Display mode: 12.1 inch LCD (Windows XP)   

6) Memory mode: Fixed and movable 20G/2G

7) Test methods: Low-voltage pulse method, impulse flash-over circuit method, flashover voltage method
Test distance: no less than 40km

8) The shortest testing distance (blind zone):5-10m

9) Location error: ±0.2m 

10) Testing error: less than ±1%

11) Sampling frequency: 6.25MHz、10MHz、25MHz、50MHz、100MHz、(self-adaption)    
Power: AC 220V±10%  DC 12V(7AH)

12) Maximum power endurance: 4 hours

2.Path analyzer technical specifications

1) Signal frequency: 15KHz sine wave

2) Output power: Pomax≥100W

3) Output impedence: Zo=Zc

4) Vibration mode: incontinuous

5) Host Weight: 9.8Kg

6) Ambient temperature: -10℃~+40℃

7) Overall dimension: 180mm×300mm×400mm 

8) Relative humidity: RH≤85%(25℃)

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