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ZX-A30 Intelligent Cable Fault Test System

ZX-A30 full intelligent multiple pulse cable fault locator is networking cable fault test platform based on embedded computer platform. It integrates USB communication technology, touch-screen technology and 3G communication technology and this greatly improved the performance of the instrument in practice and it is easy to operate.

Technical indicators

1. Can test cable fault at different voltage levels below 35KV. Can test cable fault of different cable sections, different dielectric and different cable materials. Can test open-circuit cable fault, short-circuit cable fault, low-resistance cable fault, high-resistance leakage cable fault and high-resistance flash-over cable fault.

2. Test all faults of railway communication control cable, streetlight cable and airport signal cable.

3. Test wave transmitting velocity in any cable of known length.

4. Can test buried route and depth of power cable.

5. Display mode: 12.1in industrial LCD touch screen (Windows XP platform)

6. Test method: LV impulse method, impulse HV flash-over method, multiple pulse method

7. Storage: 8G

8. Test distance: no less than 60Km

9. Operate via Touch pen and mouse

10. Min. test distance (non-detection area): 0-5m or without

11. Locating error:±0.2m

12. Test error: system error is no ore than ±1%

13. Multiple pulse generator : Impulse voltage ≤40KV

14. Resolution: V/fm,V is transmitting velocity m/μs;software cursor is 0.10m.

15. Sampling frequency: 6.25MHz,12.5MHz,25MHz,50MHz,100MHz (Adaptive pulse width).

16. Power source and power consumption: AC 220V±10%, power ≤15W, DC 12V(7AH),power≤20W

17. Standby time: continuous working 6 hours

18. Host weight: 6.2Kg Dimension: 180mm×300mm×400mm

19. Temperature: -20℃~﹢40℃ Relative humidity:≤80%

20. Management: Cable route and distribution map. All data of cable which is in user’s management region, including cable distribution map, number, initial position, buried depth and date, cable medium, connect position, record of fault, fault reason, technical test report, cable test record etc.

21. Technical parameters of cable router tracer:

22. Signal frequency: sine-wave 15KHz, Output power: Pomax ≥100W

23. Output impedance: Zo=Zc (Cable characteristic impedance)

24. Vibrating mode: non-continuous

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