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BY2677E Professional Insulation Tester 10kV

By2677E insulation resistance tester is designed and developed to evaluate the electrical insulation quality of large-scale high-voltage transformer, motor, generator, long-distance power cable, tubular bus and other electrical insulation quality under strong interference in high-voltage substation and power plant. It is especially suitable for the test site with large capacity and strong interference above 110kV.

Technical indicators

1. Power dissipation of the entire machine: ≤10W

2. Working temperature and humidity: 0℃~40℃; ≤ 85 % RH

3. Withstand: AC2.5kV 50HZ 1min

4. Working Power supply: 14.8V(2.2Ah) rechargeable Li-battery

5. Charging supply: AC200V,50HZ (±10 %) (can be customized)

6. Size and weight: 270mm(L)×210mm(W)×100mm(D) 2kg

Rated voltageV10002500500010000
Working voltageVRated voltage×1±10%
Measuring range0200GΩ0500GΩ0.0011000GΩ0.0011999GΩ
Max error:±10%RDG+1d max display value: 1999
Short circuit output current≥1.5mA≥1.5mA≥3mA≥3mA
absorption ratio, polarization indexMeasuring range 0.119.99, max error:±2%RDG+1d
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