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ZXCZ-30A Grounding Lines Group DC Resistance Tester

ZXCZ-30A ground wire group DC resistance tester is developed in accordance with the preventive test procedures for electric power safety tools and instruments, which is used to check whether the contact between the ground wire nose and the combiner clamp and the multi stranded copper flexible conductor is good.

The instrument is composed of low-voltage and large current constant current source and measuring system. Constant current source adopts new switching power technology, which has the characteristics of anti-interference and strong stability. In the measurement part, an intuitive high brightness digital meter is used, which is accurate and reliable, and the loop selection and switching operation is flexible and simple.

Technical indicators
Constant output current30A (can be fine tuned)
Maximum input power200W
Digital ohmmeterRange 0~200mΩ, accuracy: ±5%
Working wayIntermittent
Power supply220V±10% 50Hz
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