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BY2571 Earth Resistance Tester

The instrument applies to power industry, post and telecommunications, railway, communications, mining and other sectors to measure the grounding resistance of the various devices, and the conductor resistance of low resistance; this instrument can also measure soil resistivity and ground voltage. 

The instrument is a newly developed earth resistance tester, which abandons the traditional way of generating electricity by hand operation, uses advanced middle-large scale integrated circuits and applies DC/AC transformation technology to combine three-terminal measurement method and four-terminal measurement method into one model.

Technical indicators
Operating ConditionsTemperature0℃~+45
Relative humidity≤85%RH
Measuring range and constant current value (virtual value)resistance02Ω(10mA)220Ω(10mA)20200Ω(1mA)
voltageAC 030V
Measurement accuracy and resolutionaccuracy00.2Ω≤±3%±1d
Measurement errors caused by auxiliary
grounding resistance and ground voltage
Auxiliary grounding resistanceRC (between C1 and C2) <1.8KΩ
RP (between P1 and P2) <40KΩ  error ≤ ± 5%
Ground voltage (power frequency RMS)≤ 5V  error ≤ ± 5%
Power supply and power dissipationMaximum power dissipation≤2W
DC6.8V-9V 7*#5 rechargeable battery
Main machine size and weight220×200×105mm3  ≤1.4kg
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