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PDF-3000A DC System Ground fault Detector

PDF-3000A DC System Ground Fault Tester can be applied to dc systems of any voltage level, equipped with a high-precision detection clamp table, which greatly improves the detection range and anti-interference ability through efficient processing of multiple signals. By using excellent algorithm and advanced fuzzy control calculation theory, the advantages of the insulation branch detected are expressed in numerical form, which fully reflects the advantages of artificial intelligence. In addition, they have accurate judgment of the location of the receiving site. Each test can indicate the location and direction of the receiving site.

This instrument is used to find the exact location of dc system connection of power plant and substation under the condition of continuous electricity. Various types of ground fault, can quickly find out the location, accuracy up to 100%.

Technical indicators

1. Signal Generator

1) Output signal frequency: 2.5Hz

2) Signal no-load output voltage: ±20V±5%

3) Signal voltage amplitude error: <5%

4) Signal short circuit output current: ≤80mA

5) Output port impact resistance: 400V DC shock

6) Power supply voltage: AC220V±10%

7) Voltage frequency: 50Hz ± 5%

8) Input insurance: 2A

9) Maximum power: 3W

10) Volume: 300mm × 270mm × 200mm

2. Signal Receiver

1) sensitivity of signal current detection: 0.5mA

2) signal generator impedance: 40 k Ω

3) maximum output current: 2.5ma

4) receiver display: number 0-19

5) volume: 210mm x 100mm x 32mm

6) A: jaw size: Φ 50 mm

7) B: jaw size Φ 7 mm x 9 mm

3. Machine

1) Detect the maximum grounding resistance: 300KΩ

2) Grounding resistance measurement accuracy: 0-4.5KΩ Error ≤ 0.5KΩ;

4.5KΩ-300KΩ error ≤10%

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