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GM-10kV High Voltage Digital Megohmmeter

This instrument is designed for measuring Insulation characteristics of large high voltage transformers, electrical machinery electric appliance, remote power cables or buried cables, etc, solving the problem of filed interference in power plants, substations.

Note: To ensure safety, the series products must be well grounded before use

Technical indicators
Rating test voltage50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, 1.0kV, 2.5kV, 5.0kV, 10.0kV
Measuring range high limit10TΩ
Output voltage error± 5 %
Short circuit currentAbout 5mA
First half range basic error±( 5%·Rx + 1d )
Second half range basic error±( 10%·Rx + 2d )
High voltage display error±( 5%·Ux + 1d )
Temperature measurement error±0.5
Air humidity measurement error±2%RH
Power supply14.8V lithium battery
Battery run time30 days, every day 10 times DAR test & 5 times PI test
Insulation resistance>500MΩ(between test line and case)
WithstandingAC10.0kV 50Hz 1min(Test line to the case)
Temperature and humidity0~+40  < 85%RH
Storage temperature and humidity-20~+50  < 90%RH
Dimensions and N.W.320×230×270mm, 4.5kg
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