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ZX-702 Three Phase Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

The ZX-702 Microcomputer Reply Protection Tester adopts high-speed and high-performance digital signal processor, which run fast and has wide transmission bandwidth. The algorithm of two precision algorithm is applied to generate arbitrary high-precision waveforms. Because of the integrated structure, each part is tightly combined, the data transmission distance shorte and the structure is compact.

Technical indicators

1. AC current source: 

Output accuracy: 0.5

Phase current output (RMS): 0~40A

Three parallel phase current output (RMS): 0~120A

Phase current allowed long running value (RMS): 10A

Phase current maximum power output: 420VA

Three parallel phase current maximum power output: 900VA

Three parallel phase current maximum work time: 10s

Frequency range (base wave): 20~1000Hz

Harmonic frequency number: 1~20 times

2. DC current source: 

Output accuracy: 0.5

Current output: 0 ~ ± 10A / each phase, 0 ~ ± 30 A / three parallel

Maximum output of load voltage: 20V

3. Alternating voltage output

Output accuracy: 0.5

Phase voltage output (RMS): 0 ~ 120v

Line voltage output (RMS): 0 ~ 240v

Phase voltage/line voltage power output: 80VA/100VA

Frequency range (base wave): 20 ~ 1000Hz

Harmonic frequency number: 1 ~ 20 times

4. Direct voltage output

Output accuracy: 0.5

Phase voltage output amplitude: 0 ~ +160v

Line voltage output amplitude: 0 ~ + 320v

Phase voltage/line voltage power output: 70VA/140VA 

5. Switching value and time measurement

Binary input7channelsDead contact:1~20mA, 24V                
Electric potential contact connection to “0”:0~+6V;“1”:+11 V~+250V
Binary output2pairsDC:220V/0.2A
Time measurementRange:0.1ms~9999s
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