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ZXCT-806 Wireless CT Transformation Ratio Tester

ZXCT-806 wireless CT transformation ratio tester is suitable for on-line 35kV and below high and low voltage measurement device current transformer transformation ratio measurement. It is used for 10kV switchgear current loop inspection device to realize one-stop inspection of CT transformation ratio, polarity, loop impedance, secondary wiring correctness and other testing items.

Technical indicators

1. The barrier free transmission distance of HP clamp meter is 500m

2. Current range: (users can choose according to their needs)

High pressure clamp: 600A

CT secondary side clamp table: 5A

3. Transformation ratio measurement range: 1 ~ 999

4. Voltage input: 0-200V

5. Measurement accuracy: high voltage current 0.5%; low voltage current 0.5%; transformation ratio 0.5%

6. Withstand voltage: 70000V / min

7. Power consumption of the whole machine: < 3VA

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