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ZX-RLC Gas Relay Calibrator

The ZX-RLC gas relay calibrator adopts an integrated design. The device is embedded with a full-color capacitive touch display and a wireless keyboard and mouse. It can easily and intuitively perform related operations on the flow rate, volume, and seal detection of the system, and simultaneously edit and print the related test report, and can save the data for reading and printing at any time.

This product adopts a single-pipe structure design, which greatly reduces the volume and cost of the three-pipe equipment. Embedded integrated design, friendly operation interface, high degree of automation of the whole machine.

Technical indicators

1. Measuring range

(1) Detection of heavy gas flow rate

     Flow velocity range of φ25mm pipe diameter: 0.6 ~ 4.2m / s;

     Flow velocity range of φ50 mm pipe diameter: 0.6 ~ 3.2m / s;

     The flow velocity range of φ80mm pipe diameter: 0.6 ~ 2.2m / s.

(2) Light gas volume detection

     Detection range: 0 ~ 950mL.

(3) Seal detection pressure and time range

     Seal detection pressure range: 0 ~ 250kPa;

Seal detection time range: 1 ~ 60min.

(4) QJ-40 relay detection

     Detection range: 1mm-150mm.

2. Precision

(1) Flow rate detection accuracy: 1.5 grades, flowmeter accuracy: 0.5 grades, heavy gas flow velocity display digits: 0.00m / s;

(2) Digits of light gas volume display: 0.0mL, accuracy: 1.0%;

(3) Sealed display digits: 0.0kPa, accuracy: 0.5%;

(4) QJ-40 display digits: 0.0mm, accuracy: 1.0 level.

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