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ZXMN-B Circuit Breaker Simulator

ZXMN-B Circuit Breaker Simulator is mainly used for the whole set test of power system power failure protection device or complete relay protection screen, which can truly simulate the trip time of circuit breaker device. The tripping and closing of the high voltage circuit breaker were simulated during the entire test to avoid the adverse effects caused by the repeated splitting of the circuit breaker due to the repeated whole set of tests.

Technical indicators

1. Power supply: AC200V±10%

2. Tripping operation is the power supply voltage: DC220V, DC110V

3. Tripping impedance selection: 440Ω, 220Ω, 110Ω

4. Closing time selection: 20-200ms

5. Trip time selection: 20-100ms

6. Analog circuit breaker normally closed / normally open contact capacity is AC220V/5A.

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