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ZX-CHA Automatic Capacitance And Inductance Tester

       ZX-CHA capacitance and inductance tester (with imported clamp) adopts bridge circuit structure, with standard capacitor and tested capacitor as two arms of bridge circuit. When the capacitance value of the capacitor is measured, the test voltage is applied to the standard capacitor and the tested capacitor at the same time. The processor collects the current signal flowing through the sensor and processes to obtain the capacitance value of the tested capacitor.


Technical indicators

1. Measuring range and accuracy of the instrument:

1) Capacitance measurement

a. Measurable capacitance range: 0.1μF~3,300μF

b. Range of measurable capacity: 5~20,000kvar

c. Measurement accuracy: ± (1.0% reading + 0.02μF)

d. Resolution: 0.001μF

2) Current measurement

a. Current measurement range: 0~199.9mA; 0~1.999A; 0~19.99A; 0~199.9A0~1000A

b. Measurement accuracy: ± (3.0% reading + 0.05A)

c. Resolution: 0.01A

3) Inductance measurement

a. Inductance measurement range: small inductance 0.1mH~5mH

    Large inductance mode 5mH~50H

b. Inductance measurement range: 50mΩ ~ 20KΩ

c. Measurement accuracy: ± (3.0% reading + 0.05mH)

d. Resolution: 0.01mH

4) Resistance measurement range:

a. Resistance measurement range: small resistance 50mΩ~1Ω

    Large resistance mode 1Ω~20KΩ

b. Measurement accuracy: ± (3.0% reading + 0.05Ω)

c. Resolution: 0.01 Ω

2. Working power

1) Rated voltage: power frequency 220V ± 10%

2) Rated frequency: 50Hz;

3) Rated output: 2V / 20V / 500VA

3. Working conditions:

1) Ambient temperature: -10 ℃~+ 50 ℃

2) Relative humidity: ≤90%

4. Printing method: LCD display with English characters

    Panel-type high-speed printer

5. Dimensions and weight: 370 × 260 × 220mm / 12kg

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