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ZXFC Lightening Protection Devices Tester

This device is used to test the DC parameters of Oxide Zinc arrester (piezoresistor), ceramic 2/3-electrode surge arrester, vacuum lightning arrester and others over voltage protective components. It also can be considered as stable power source and constant current power supply.

Technical indicators

1.Pressure sensitive resistance measurement

Technique parameterrangeerrorcondition
Initial action voltage:U1mA0~1999V≤±1%±1d1mA±5μA
Leakage current:0.75U1mA0~199.9μA≤±2μA±1d0.7U1mA≤±1%±1d

2.Discharge measurement

Technique parameterRangeerrorCondition
DC Spark-over voltage Vsdc5~1999V≤±1%±1dVoltage rise speed:100V/S±10%

3.Insulation resistance: 6MΩ(500V)

4.Withstand voltage: AC 1.5kV 50HZ 1min

5.Working temperature and humidity: 0~+40℃ ≤85%RH

6.Storage temperature and humidity: -10℃~+50℃ ≤90%RH

9.Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz DC12V 0.5A

8.Consumption: 8W

9.Instrument size: 208mm×190mm×78mm

10.Weight: 1.5kg

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