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ZX-JS Arrester Discharge Counter Tester

This instrument is used for discharge action logger inspection and verification of discharge counter in valve-type arrester including silicon carbide common valve type (FZ and FS), silicon carbide magnetic blow valve-type (FCZ and FCD) and zinc oxide arrester.

Technical indicators

1.Ambient temperature: -10ºC~+50ºC

2.Relative humidity: ≤20~90%(at 40ºC)

3.atmospheric pressure:86~106kPa

4.Discharge test voltage: > 2kV

5.Charge time: < 1 minute

6.Power supply: 220V±10% Frequency: 50±1Hz Power < 30vA

7.Dimension: 300×200×180mm

8.Weight: 4KG

The operation video
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