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XP-1A Hand-held SF6 Gas leak detector

This instrument is mainly applied for the leaking finding of equipment and container which are filled with the SF6 and other halogen gas in the ministry of water conservancy and electric power, the manufacturing engineering of electronic device, and the metallurgy of iron and steel, the petrochemical industry, the railway transportation, the mining industry, the extinguisher apartment and the atomic physics research institute.

Technical indicators
Measuring Methodmechanical pump style
Flexible probe length35.5cm
Leakage level indication18 levels
Sensitivity adjustment level7 levels
Reset functionyes
Mute key functionyes
battery test functionyes
Ultimate sensitivity<3g/year
Response timeInstantaneous
Reset time1 second
Warm up timeApproximately 2 Seconds
Operating temperature30°to 125°F (0 to 52)
Power supply3V DC;two "C" cell alkaline batteries
Battery life30 hours
Sensing tip lifeApprox. 20 hours
Certifited toCE,SAE J1627
Service commitment