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ZXSF-1D SF6 Gas Leak Detector

SF6 Gas Leak Detector is with high sensitivity, good stability, high speed, easy operation and large moving range. It rapidly detect SF6 breaker, GIS leakage point and yearly leakage rate qualitatively and quantitatively. It's a good device suitable for power supply department, installation and overhaul unit, power test institute.

The quantitative leak to infrared sensor at the core, high-precision sampling AD, speed ARMCPU, making the sample data is more real, more reliable. The instrument uses a color LCD touch-screen display, user-friendly appearance, easy to operate.

Technical indicators

1. Measuring range:0 ~ 999.9PPM

2. Accuracy: 1PPM (0 ~ 50PPM inside)

3. Resolution: 0.1ppm

4. Repeatability: ± 0.1PPM

5. Gas flow rate: adjusted automatically

6. Probe protection: stainless steel sintered filter

7. Operating voltage: 110 ~ 220VAC, AC and DC

8. Storage Temperature rating: -25 ~ + 70 ℃

9. Operating environment: Temperature: -25 ~ + 60 ℃

10. Lithium battery, AC/DC dual-use, automatic switching, protection against over-charging and over-discharging

11. Volume and weight: 372×266.5×134.5 (mm), 3.5kg

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