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ZX-XFS Rust Corrosion analyzer

This instrument is made as per standards GB/T11143 for testing corrosion and rust preventing characteristics of inhibited mineral oils in water existed conditions. It is suitable to test inhibited mineral oils, especially steam-turbine oil when mixed with water. It also applies to hydraulic fluid, cycle oil, and liquids Heavier than water.

Technical indicators

1. Temperature control range: room temperature to 100℃

2. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃

3. Sample stirring: 1000±25 revolutions per minute

4. Testing bore number: 4

5. Temperature control time: arbitrary setting between 0~100 hours

6. Environment temperature: 0℃ ~45℃

7. Humidity:<85%

8. Power: 1500VA

9. Power supply: AC 220V,50Hz

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