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ZX-PH PH Meter

The device is PH Meter with large screen, blue backlight and double-row digital LCD. It can measure and display Ph value plus temperature value, or mV plus temperature value. It also can measure ORP value when match with ORP electrode, can measure Electrode potential value when match with ion-selective electrode.

Technical indicators

1. accuracy level: 0.01

2. Measuring range: 

pH:(0.00~14.00)pH display range: (-2.00~18.00)pH

        mv: (-1999~0)mV,(0~1999)mV( auto display polarity)


3. Minimum display unit: 0.01pH,1mV,0.1℃

4. Temperature compensation range: (0.0~99.9)℃

5. Electronic unit basic error:

pH:±0.01 pH±1d
mV:±1 mV±1d


6. device base error: ±0.02 pH±1d;±0.5℃±1d

7. Electronic unit input current: ≤ 2×10-12A
8. Electronic unit input impedance: ≥ 1×1012Ω

9. Temperature compensation error:±0.01pH±1d

10. Electronic unit repeatability error:  pH: 0.01 pH   mV: 1mV

11. device repeatability error: ≤0.01 pH

12. Electronic unit stability: ±0.01pH±1d/3h

13. dimension: 300×200×72mm
14. Weight: 1.5kg

15. Environment temperature: (5~40)℃

16. Relative humidity: ≤85%
17. Power supply: AC(220±22)V,(50±1)Hz

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