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ZX-ND Automatic Solidifying Point Pour Point Tester

The instrument is for oil solidifying point test. It adopts 16 bit MCU, thermoelectric cooling system. It is suitable for transformer plant, power supply department, oil refinery, railway, tank farm to determine condensation point of petroleum products.

Technical indicators

1. Application: Solidifying point/Pour point between +10℃~―60℃ petroleum products

2. Accuracy: ±1℃

3. Measuring results: within specified range of GB510-83

4. Resolution: 0.1℃

5. Cooling limit:difference≥65℃(between outlet temperature and device indicated temperature)

6. Cooling speed: 15 mins difference ≥60℃

7. Cooling water pressure request: 4.9×10~49×105Pa

8. Flow rate: 1.5 litre /min

9. Power supply voltage: ~220V±0.5V

10.Maximum power dissipation: ≤250W

11. trial oil demand: 20ml each time

12. Working environment: temperature 25±10℃


14.Size: 360×280×386mm

15. Weight: 26kg

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