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ZX-SZ Transformer Oil Acid Tester

The insulation oil acid value automatic tester is used for determination of acid value in transformer oil and turbine oil. It is featured with computer control, automatic operation and printing.

Technical indicators

1. Linearity range:0.001~0.900 mgKOH/g,0.001~0.100mgKOH/g, error ±0.003mgKOH/g,0.100~0.900mgKOH/g, error 2-5%

2. Related coefficient: 0.999~0.9998

3. Recovery rate: 99~102%

4. Minimum Resolution: 0.001mgKOH/g

5. Repeatability: 2~5%(RSD)

6. Display: 5.4 "large screen touch color LCD screen

7. Dimension: 420×190×340 mm

8. Weight: 9KG

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