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SP-9890 Transformer Oil Dissolve Gas Analyzer Gas Chromatograph

Technical indicators
Temperature rangeAbove Room temperature: 4—450
Column oven temperature control accuracy±0.01
Display resolution0.1
Temperature programming speedSixteen step temperature programming,0-40/minregulation step 0.1/min max 80/min
Temperature programming repeatability≤1
TCD sensitivityS≥3500mV•ml/mg(benzene)
Baseline drift≤25uv/30min
Baseline noise≤5uv
Linear range≥104
FID measuring range≤3×10-12g/s(n-Tetradecane
Baseline drift≤1×10-13 A/30min
Baseline noise≤5×10-14A
Linear range≥104
ECD measuring range≤1×10-14g/s
Baseline drift≤0.2mV/30min
Baseline noise≤0.03mV
Linear range≥103
FPD measuring range(S)≤5×10-11g/s ,(P)≤1×10-12g/s
Baseline drift≤0.2mV/30min
Baseline noise≤0.03mV
Linear range≥103S,102P
ExtensionSix external events can be added
Automation EngineeringAuto ignition, auto injector connection, counter control work station for options
Operating environment5-35,≤85RH
Power supply220V±10%50Hz±0.5Hz
Power dissipation≤2500W
Operation surroundingsNo indoor corrosive gases, no shaking of work tables, no strong magnetic field around
Service commitment