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ZXZH-II Multiple Function SF6 Gas Analyzer

The ZXZH-II SF6 Gas Analyzer adopts the humidity sensor, purity, SO2, H2S, CO and other sensors of Finland VAISALA company. The thermal conductivity sensor and electrochemical sensor of British ALPHA company are used; at the same time, it is equipped with the most advanced ARM development technology and quality Precision sensors such as flow sensors and temperature sensors make sampling data more realistic, more reliable, and faster in calculation speed.
The instrument uses a color liquid crystal display screen, the interface is friendly and beautiful, easy to operate.
The ZXZH-II SF6 Gas Analyzer uses imported sensors with reliable performance as sensitive components, and also integrates many functions such as real-time measurement, curve display, power management, time system, file system, data query, data printing, etc. 

Technical indicators

1. Measuring range: dew point -60℃ ~ +20℃ (support ppmv etc.)

2. Dew point accuracy: The test accuracy is better than ±0.5℃ (within a certain range)

       (When the dew point temperature is lower than 0℃, the sensor output is frost point)

3. Response time 63%[90%]
+20→-20℃   Td   5s[45s]-20→-60℃   Td   10s[240s]

4. Resolution: Dew point 0.1℃ or 0.1ppm

5. Repeatability: ±0.2℃

6. Measurement range of gas decomposition products:

       Small range SO2:0 ~ 100 µl/l

       Large range SO2: 0-2000ul / L
                            H2S0 100 µl/l

CO: 0 ~ 500 µl/l

HF: 0~10ppm

H2:0 ~ 100 µl/l

7. Sensitivity:SO2:±0.1µl/l


HF: 0.1µl/l


       Gas flow: SF6 regulated at 0.2l/min

8. Probe protection: stainless steel sintered filter

9. Working voltage:110~220VAC

10. Storage temperature grade:-40~+70℃

11. Operating environment:Temperature:-35~+60℃           
Sample gas flow rate: no effect

12. Electronic mass flow meter

13. Volume weight: 340×200×120 (mm), 6.5kg 

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