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ZX1030 Precise Single Phase Program control Testing Source

This device adopts programmable FPGA, high speed high precision D/A converter, DDS technology, can regulate frequency, amplitude, phase signal source, and amplify signal power. It’s with high precision standards of voltage, current, power, electric energy inside, by analog closed loop feedback and digital PID control it can output voltage, current, frequency, phase, and trace the set parameters automatically over a long period of time. It is combination of standard power frequency indicating meter and energy meter, can be used to calibrate a lot kinds of electrical instruments. And It can connect with PC to realize automatic calibration and total management of testing data.

Technical indicators

1. Power Frequency output voltage:

1) output range: 0V ~ 720V, rated voltage range: 25V、50V、100V、200V、400V、600V

2) Regulation range: 0~120% , Regulation fineness: 5×10-5

3) Accuracy:

Rated range error: ≤±0.06%(Rd)±0.04%(full range) 0.1class, (≤±0.03% (Rd)±0.02%(full range) 0.05 class

4) output power: full range 100%, ≥20VA

2. Power Frequency output current:

1) output range: 0A ~ 24A

2) Rated current range: 0.1A、0.5A、1A、5A、10A、20A

3) Accuracy: at rated range

Rated range error: ≤±0.06%(Rd)±0.04%(full range) 0.1 class,  ≤±0.03% (Rd)±0.02%(full range) 0.05 class

4) output power: 1~20A ≥20VA

3. Output Frequency: range: 45Hz ~ 65Hz, Resolution: 0.001Hz  error: 0.01Hz

4. Output phase position: 0.00 °- 359.99 °, error: 0.1°

5. Output harmonics: Harmonic 2~32 order, amplitude 0~20%, fineness: 0.010·N(N is harmonic order#)

6. Output wave form distortion:AC voltage current ≤0.3%

7. Power frequency output power: range: rated voltage and rated current in any combination

 Rated range error: ≤±0.06%(Rd)±0.04%(fr) 0.1 class, (≤±0.03% (Rd)±0.02%(fr) 0.05 class

 Remark: Reactive power accuracy will be one level lower

8. Energy meter test: integrated error 0.1/ 0.05% FS (impulse output≤90kHz, three-phase rated value=60kHz)

9. Others:

1)Working power supply: single phase 220V±10%,50Hz±5%

2)Working environment: temperature 20℃±10℃, relative humidity: ≤85%RH

3)Size and weight: 460×480×200mm 18kg

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