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ZX5050 High Precise Three Phase Programmable Testing Source

ZX5050 is an instrument using embedded system, large TFT LCD and touch screen, CPLD chip and high precision components, portable and widely used in electric energy metering industry, electrical laboratory and other relevant departments

Technical indicators

1. Output:

1) Voltage:10~450V(built-in gears: 57.7、100、220V、380V, Maximum output power: 20VA
2) Current: 0.001~60A( built-in gears: 0.2、1、5、20A、50A), max output power 40VA for 50A, 20VA for others

3) Frequency output: 45-65Hz
4) Phase output: 0~359.99°

5) Stability: voltage current 0.02%(2Min)
6) distortion: voltage current ≤0.5%(Non capacitive load)

 Item Output and display accuracy Resolution
 Voltage0.50% 4 significant digits
 Current0.50% 4 significant digits
 Frequency 0.02Hz 0.001Hz
 Phase 0.5° 0.01°
 Power factor0.50%0.001
 Active power0.50% 4 significant digits
 Reactive power1% 4 significant digits
 Apparent power0.50% 4 significant digits

> Common output regulation test point:

1) Voltage test point: 90%、100%、110%、120%

2) Current test point: 1%、5%、10%、20%、50%、100%、120%

3) Phase: 0.5L、0.86L、1.0、0.86C、0.5C

4) Three phase voltage, current amplitude adjustable, fineness: 10%、1%、0.1%、0.01%, range to 125%

5) Phase and power factor of three phase voltage, current also adjustable, fineness: 10°1°0.1° 0.01°

6) Phase position of UB、UC to UA: adjustable

7) Frequency is adjustable together with three phase voltage and current: 5Hz、1Hz、0.1Hz、0.01Hz

> Power supply: Single phase AC 182-262V, 50/60Hz

> Size: 500×600×178mm Weight 35 KG

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