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ZX-1200 Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

ZX-1200 microcomputer relay protection Tester adopts high performance IPC as the host, Window XP operating system, device panel with large size and color TFT display, industrial keyboard inside, the front panel is provided with a plurality of USB which is convenient for data access, data communication and software upgrades.

The whole process and results of the experiment are displayed on the screen. The language is Chinese, The user interface is simple and clear intuitive and convenient. It easy Operation and direct display by industrial keyboard.

Technical indicators
AC current source
Current source with six phase common neutral point, current up/down time100μs
Maximum output power300VA/phase
Output accuracy0.1A1A: accuracy: ±5mA
1A10A: accuracy: ±0.1%
10A30A: accuracy ±0.2%
Resolution0.1A10A: 1mA
10A30A: 5mA
Single phase continuous output time1A10A: No limit
10A20A: ≥60sec
20A30A: ≥50sec
AC voltage sourceVoltage source with six phase common neutral point, current up/down time100μs
Maximum output power≥75VA/phase
Output accuracy1V5V: ±5mV
5V120V: ±0.2%
Resolution1V5V: 1mV
5V120V: 5mV
DC current sourceSingle phase output range0A+10A
Maximum output power200VA/phase
Output accuracy±0.1A±2A: ±10mA
±2A±10A: ±0.5%
DC voltage sourceOutput range-150V+150V
Maximum output power≥100VA
Output accuracy±1V±5V: ±20mV  ±5V±150V: ±0.5%
Resolution±1V±5V: 5mV
±5V±150V: 10mV
AC voltage current source anglephase angle range360°
AC voltage current source frequencyrange101000Hz
can overlap 2~20 order harmonic with any amplitude and direct current
Output accuracy10Hz65Hz ±0.005Hz
65Hz1000Hz ±0.02Hz
Timing accuracy1ms~1S ±10ms
1S~999999S ±0.2%
Input switch8 independent switch contact input, auto identify polarify of the active contact
Output switch4 pairs programmable idle contact output
contact capacity: 250VDC, 0.5A or 250VAC,0.5A
synchronismvoltage current synchronism ≤50μS
Power supplyAC input voltageRated value: 220V ± 10%
Reference value: 220V ± 2%
AC power frequencyRated value:50Hz ± 10%
Reference value:50Hz ± 2%
Working environmentenvironment temperature10℃~+40
relative humidity≤90%
atmospheric pressure80110kPa
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