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ZX-6000 Optical Fiber Digital Relay Protection Tester

Is a new generation intelligent relay protection tester,which designed based on” the State Grid's intelligent substation relay protection specification" and "Smart Substation Technology Guidelines". It can be usedfor all kinds of test for the optical digital protection device, and can simulate the collector output to achieve closed loop test for MU. It was equiped  GPS, IRIG-B code, PPS synchronization interface and supports IEEE1588. It provides conditions for station commissioning and station to station connection. This tester is powerful with multiple testing functions, can be used for testing protection measuring control device, merging unit, intelligent terminals and switches. It is an invaluable instrument for transformer substation debugging, intelligent equipment R & D, and intelligent substation relay protection technology training.

Technical indicators
Fiber-optic Ethernet Interface4/6/8 pairs x100Mbits/s, ST, multimode, 1310nm, IEC61850-9-1/2/LE, Goose, IEEE-1588Send dispersion:<0.1μs
Receiving time accuracy:<25ns
Maximum output flow:>95M
1588 time-synchronization accuracy: <80ns
Fiber-optic Serial interface3/5 pairs × (2~10Mbits/s),ST, multimode,850nm, IEC60044-7/8, FT3, support Manchester code or asynchronous serial port transmission methodSend dispersion:<0.1μs        
Time-synchronization accuracy:<25ns
Synchronous interfaceBuilt in GPS,1 pair × IRIG-B/PPS optical port,ST,multimode, 850nmAccuracy: <400ns
Electrical Ethernet interface1 pcs, RJ-45,100Mbits/s
Small signal output12×(0~7.07VAC/0~10VDC)resolution: 1mV, 4~20mA output type can be customizedAmplitude accuracy: 0.1%
Phase accuracy: 0.1°
Frequency accuracy:0.001Hz
Binary input8 channels, 10-250VDC or idle contact, self-identifying, no polarity
Binary outputnumber: 8 channels, idle contact/fast output, AD/DC breaking capability: 0.5A,250VFast output time: <10μs
Screen10.4’ LED,1024×768
Power supplyAC: 220V±15%, Frequency, 50Hz±10Hz
Dimension380 ×130 ×300(mm)Weight 5.5Kg

Item/ModelOptical type Digital-Analog Integrated type
Optical Network Interface●4/6 pairs● 8 pairs● 6 pairs● 6 pairs
Optical Serial Interface●4/5 pairs● 3 pairs● 5 pairs● 5 pairs
Synchronous interface●1 pair● 1 pair● 1 pair● 1 pair
Small signal simulation●12 ways●12 ways 12 ways● 12 ways
Current source output//● 3x(0~30A)● 6x(0~30A)
Voltage source output//● 4x(0~125V)● 6x(0~125V)
Binary output● 8 pairs● 8 pairs● 8 pairs● 8 pairs
Binary input● 8 pairs● 8 pairs● 8 pairs● 8 pairs
Auxiliary DC output//● 1 channel● 1channel
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