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ZX-600 Merging Unit Tester

Is a test tool developed for Merge unit testing. Because of the difference between design and Construction of current intelligent station, The device can be used to Carry out a comprehensive and effective test for the input of the electronic transformer electromagnetic transformer input, electronic transformer and electromagnetic hybrid mixed input , and then meet the combined unit test in practical engineering work. And then satisfied the testing of the merging units in various practical projec

Technical indicators
AC voltage source6×120V, resolution: 100μV, maximum output power: 40VA/phaseAccuracy:0.05%
AC current source  6×20A, resolution: 25μA, maximum output power: 120VA/phaseAccuracy: 0.05%
DC voltage source6×170V, resolution:100μV, maximum output power: 30VA/phaseAccuracy: 0.1%
DC current source6×10A, resolution:25μA, maximum output power:60VA/phaseAccuracy:0.1%
Output frequency0~2500Hz, resolution: 1mHzAccuracy: 0.001Hz
Output phase0~359.999°, resolution: 0.001°Accuracy: 0.05°
Output harmonicDC component, 2~20 order harmonic
Current voltage synchronization
Auxiliary DC output110V/220V DC (can switch)
Small signal output12×(0~7.07VAC/0~10VDC), resolution: 1mVAmplitude accuracy: 0.05%
phase accuracy:0.05°
Frequency accuracy:0.001Hz
Optical Ethernet interface6 pairs×100Mbits/s,SC,multi-mode,1310nm;Sending dispersion: <0.1μs Receiving time accuracy: <25ns
Maximum output flow: >95M
IEC61850-9-1/2/LE,Goose,IEEE-15881588 time synchronization accuracy:<80ns
Optical serial interface5pairs×(2~10Mbits/s, SC, multi-mode, 850nm;Sending dispersion:<0.1μs
IEC60044-7/8,FT3; support Manchester code or asynchronous serial port transmission methodReceiving time accuracy:<25ns
Synchronous interfaceBuilt in GPS;1 pair×IRIG-B/PPS optical port, SC, multi-mode, 850nmAccuracy:<1μs
Electrical Ethernet interface1pcs, RJ-45,100Mbits/s
Switch input8 channels,10-250VDC or idle contact, auto-identifying, no polarity
Switch output8 channels, idle contact/fast output, AC/DC breaking capability:0.5A, 250VFast output time:<10μs
Screen8.4” 1024×768
Power supplyAC:220V±15% frequency: 50Hz±10Hz
Dimension360 ×200 ×415 (mm)Weight 16.8Kg
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