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LBQ-II Leakage protector tester

Leakage Protector Tester is well designed and manufactured for online measuring the leakage operating current, leakage non-operating current, leakage operating time of the leakage protector; adopt 16 characters blue display, it is convenient and intuitive. The range of leakage current is 0~500mA,range of the leakage operating time is 0~799ms. It is a product with high accuracy, small size, light weight, exquisite appearance, easy to carry, is an ideal tool for a variety of leakage protector in site or in laboratory testing.

Technical indicators

1. Rated voltage: AC220V、380V

2. Limited test voltage: below AC250V

3. Leakage current range: 15、30、50、75、100、150、200、250、300、500mA

4. Leakage operating time range: 0-799ms

5. Leakage current accuracy: 1 class

6. Operating time display accuracy: 0.5%(±2d)

7. Working environment temperature: 0℃-40℃

8. Working environment relative humidity: <85%

9. Outside dimension: 195×101×42mm

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