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ZXHL-200P Contact Resistance Tester

ZXHL-200P Contact Resistance Tester is designed for measuring contact resistance of Switching Control Equipment, using High-frequency switching power supply technology and digital circuit technology. It is high precision and good stability and can meet most power systems’ requirements in high-voltage switches maintenance and high-voltage switches factory contact resistance measurement.

Technical indicators

1.Measuring range: 0~2999.9μΩ

2.Resolution: 0~99.99: 0.01μΩ, 100.0~2999.9: 0.1μΩ

3.Measuring current: DC50A、100A、150A、200A fixed output

4.Accuracy: ±(0.5% rd+2d)

5.Continuous working time: 5s~599s

6.Display: Large LCD

7.Communication interface: USB or RS232 serial port

8.Working power supply: AC220V±10%  50Hz

9.Total power: 1200W

10.Maximum storage: 200 records

11.Working environment
2)Humidity:≤80 %RH

12.Dimension: 380×300×260mm3

13.Weight: 10kg (accessories excluded) 

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