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ZX-802 Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester

The ZX-802 Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester adopts high performance IPC as the host computer, Window XP system, device panel with large size color TFT display device, the front panel provided with a plurality of USB which is convenient for data access, data communication and software upgrade.

Technical indicators
AC current sourceOutput accuracy0.2
Phase current output (RMS)0~40A
Three parallel phase current output (RMS)0~120A
Phase current allowed long running value (RMS)10A
Phase current maximum power output450VA
Three parallel phase current maximum power output900VA
Three parallel phase current maximum work time10s
Frequency range (base wave)20~1000Hz
Harmonic frequency number0~20 times
DC current sourceOutput accuracy0.5
Current output0 ~ ± 10A / each phase
0 ~ ± 30 A / three parallel
Maximum output of load voltage20V
Alternating voltage outputOutput accuracy0.2
Phase voltage output (RMS)0 ~ 120v
Line voltage output (RMS)0 ~ 240v
Phase voltage/line voltage power output80VA/100VA
Frequency range (base wave)0 ~ 1000Hz
Harmonic frequency number0 ~ 20 times
Direct voltage outputPhase voltage output amplitude0 ~ +160v
Line voltage output amplitude0 ~ + 320v
Line voltage output amplitude0 ~ + 320v
Phase voltage/line voltage power output70VA/140VA
Switching value and time measurementBinary input8channels
Dead contact:1~20mA, 24V Electric potential contact connection to “0”:0~+6V;“1”:+11 V~+250V               
Binary output4 pairs
Time measurement Range0.1ms9999s
environment temperature-10℃~+50
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