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SMG3000 Three phase Meter

SMG3000 Three phase Meter is instrument for measurement of three-phase electric parameters, it can be used to measure the three phase voltage, current and phase angle, frequency, power, power factor and so on.

Technical indicators
Type Measuring RangeUnitError Resolution
Voltage 1~600 Vac0.5%×Measuring range 0.01V
Current 0.001~20 Aac0.5%×Measuring range 0.0001A
Active power 0.001~12000 W0.5%×readingPF=1 0.1W
Reactive power 0.001~12000 Var0.5%×readingPF=0 0.1Var
Apparent power 0.001~12000 VA0.5%×reading 0.1VA
Frequency 45~65 Hz0.1%×reading 0.01Hz
Phase Position 0~360 °±2° 0.1°
Power factor-1~+1PF±0.030.001
Remark: during 1mA-5mA, phase error: ±3°
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