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ZXDN-3561 Portable Three-phase Power Quality Analyzer

ZXDN-3561 portable three-phase power quality analyzer is a special portable product for the detection and analysis of power grid operation quality. It can provide harmonic analysis and power quality analysis in power operation. At the same time, it is equipped with a large-capacity memory, which can carry out long-term data collection and detection of power grid operation. It is also equipped with PC application software to upload the collected data to the computer for easy kind of analysis.

Technical indicators

Test function table of portable three-phase power quality analysis instrument



Voltage / Current / Frequency

It can measure three-phase voltage, zero-line voltage, three-phase current, zero-line current, frequency, and can display effective value, peak value, wave / peak ratio, and waveform graph, trend graph

Harmonic measurement

It can measure the fundamental wave of voltage and current and the 2nd to 50th harmonics. The measurement results include harmonic efficiency, harmonic content, harmonic content rate, total harmonic distortion rate (THD); histograms and trend graphs can be displayed.

Interharmonic measurement

It can measure 0.1 ~ 19.9 times interharmonics of voltage and current, and the measurement results include the effective value of Interharmonics component and subset, interharmonics content, etc.; it can display histogram, trend chart, etc

Power / energy measurement

Can measure three-phase four-wire / three-phase three-wire apparent power (electric energy), active power (electric energy), reactive power (electric energy), power factor, etc.

Three-phase unbalance measurement

It can measure the positive sequence component, negative sequence component, zero sequence component, negative sequence unbalance degree and zero sequence unbalance degree of the voltage and current of three-phase four-wire / three-phase three-wire electrical system; it can display the phase angle of three-phase voltage and current , Vector, trend graph


1 minute flicker, 10 minutes short flicker, 2 hours long flicker measurement

Voltage swell / sag / interruption

Detects and records voltage swells, sags, and interruptions

Inrush current

Detect and record inrush current events

Harmonic power

Can detect 2 ~ 30th harmonic power, can display histogram, trend graph, etc.

Power wave

It can measure the rapid change of power (active, reactive, apparent power) according to the set duration (1 ~ 5 minutes)


Can detect voltage transient events of more than 20 microseconds

Monitoring records

It can record the steady-state power quality parameters for a long time, including voltage / current / frequency, harmonics, power, three-phase unbalance, fluctuation / flicker, and the recording interval can be adjusted from 3 seconds to 30 minutes.

Digital oscilloscope

Can be used to view the voltage / current signal waveform

1. Voltage signal input circuit:

      Direct access

      Input impedance: 1MΩ, 20pF

      Measuring range: voltage true effective value 700V (effective value)

      Power consumption: less than 0.5VA / phase

2. Current input circuit:

      Indirect access

      Measuring range: current true effective value 1A, 5A, 10A, 100A, 500A, 1000A, 3000A (select corresponding current sensor)

      Power consumption: less than 0.5VA / phase

3. Frequency range of measurement signal: 40Hz 70Hz

4. Display screen: 5.7-inch 640 × 480 color graphic LCD + touch screen

5. Memory capacity: 128M bit FLASH

6. External storage interface: USB (U disk can be plugged in)

7. Working power supply: rechargeable lithium battery, full charge, working for 5 ~ 6 hours

8. External power supply: AC100 ~ 240V / DC16.8V-1A power adapter / charger

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