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ZXSL-601 Multifunctional Vector Analyzer

According to the needs of on-site testing, GDZX developed the ZXSL-601 multi-function vector analyzer. It can be used as a phase meter to check the correctness of the main transformer differential protection and bus differential, as well as an electrical parameter tester to test the necessary parameters of the power system. It can also be used as a three-phase three-wire energy measurement wiring Detection instrument, which can measure the harmonic content from 2 to 32 times. Using DSP AC sampling, it can measure 3 voltage and 6 current analogs simultaneously. The instrument channel vector is displayed on the same screen. The human-machine dialogue interface is friendly.

Technical indicators

1. Input characteristics

Number of voltage channels: 3 channels

Voltage measurement range: 0 ~ 450V

Voltage display digits: 6 digits

Number of current channels: 6 channels

Current measurement range: 0 ~ 6A

Current display digits: 6 digits

Phase measurement range: -180° ~ + 180°

Harmonic analysis times: 2 ~ 32 times

2. Accuracy

Voltage: ± 0.3%

Current and power: ± 0.5%

Phase angle: ± 3°

Harmonic voltage content rate measurement error: ≤0.3%

Harmonic current content rate measurement error: ≤0.5%

3. Working temperature: -15℃ ~ + 40℃

4. Charging power supply: AC 160V ~ 260V

5. Insulation: (1) The insulation resistance of the voltage and current input terminals to the cabinet is ≥100MΩ.

          (2) The power supply input end bears a power frequency of 2KV (effective value) between the shell and lasts 1 minute.

6. Volume: 250mm × 160mm × 60mm

7. Weight: 1.8Kg

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