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SMG6000 High accuracy Three-Phase VAF Meter

Three phase electricity inspection device is used for measuring electrical parameters, protection circuit CT, three phase electrical wire connection correctness of voltage, and current imbalance degree. By this device you can complete the three-phase voltage, current, phase angle, frequency, power, power factor and other electrical parameters high-precision measurements. more important, it can analyze CT wiring correctness and check the power line wiring electricity balance. Also it has a power calculation function. The installed High-speed ARM processors is designed as a lower machine of this device for electrical parameters measurement. It is with fully graphical interface, true color display, touch screen operation, friendly interface, very powerful

Technical indicators
ItemMeasurement rangeUnitErrorResolution
Active power0.0015kW0.5%×rd(PF=1)0.1W
Reactive power0.0015kVAR0.5%×rd(PF=0)0.1VAR
Apparent power0.0015kVA0.5%×d0.1VA
Power factor-1~+1PF±0.030.001
Note: 1mA-5mA, ±3°
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