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ZXDN-3 Multi-functional Energy Meter Calibrator

Technical indicators

1.Power energy measurement: ±0.1%(built-in transformer)±0.2%(split transformer)

2.Rated voltage: 0V~400V  20% overflow are not allowed 

3..Rated current: built-in transformer 0~10A, Split type transformer: 20A or 100A、500A、1000A、2000A(optional)20% overflow are not allowed

4.AC voltage RMS accuracy: ±0.1%

5.AC current RMS accuracy: ±0.1%(split transformer:±0.2%) 

6.Active power: ±0.1%(split transformer:±0.2%)

7.Reactive power: ±0.3%(split transformer:±1.0%)

8.Frequency measurement: 45Hz-65Hz (±0.01Hz)

9.Angle measurement: 0°-360°(±0.1°)

10.Constant of impulse: 

1)0low frequency FL=6400P∕kw·h 

2)High frequency FH=6400×8P∕kw·h

11.Power supply: DC 8.4V ±10%

12.Power consumption: 8VA

13.Dielectric strength: 

1) the insulating resistance of voltage, current input terminal to case≥100MΩ

2) the input terminal of the working power can stand 1.5kV (RMS) to case, time is 1 minute

14.Work temperature: -15℃~60℃

15.Relative humidity: 0%~90%

16.Warm-up time: 1 minute

17.Weight: 2.0KG  32×24×13cm

The operation video
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