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ZXDN-3A Three Phase Energy Meter Calibrator Power Quality Analyzer

Can match with dummy load, can accurately carry out measurement even when there is no lod or low load

Technical indicators

1. Measuring range

1)Voltage measuring range: 0~400V,57.7V,100V,220V,400V, 4 gears automatically shift range

2)Current measuring range: 0~5A built in transformer 5A(CT), Split-core type transformer: 5A(small size),  25A(small size), 100A(medium size), 500A(medium size), 400A(big size), 2000A(big size)6gears for options

3)Phase angle measuring range: 0~359.999°

4)Frequency measuring range: 45~55Hz

2. Accuracy

current±0.02%±0.1%split-core type transformer ±0.2%
Active power±0.02%±0.1%split-core type transformer ±0.2%
Reactive power±0.3%±0.5%split-core type transformer ±1.0%
Active energy:±0.02%±0.1%split-core type transformer ±0.5%
Reactive energy±0.3%±0.5%split-core type transformer ±1.0%
Net Weight2KG
Dimension32 × 24 x 13 cm

3.Power quality: 

1)Fundamental voltage and current amplitude: 

①the fundamental voltage tolerance ≤0.5% FS 

②fundamental current allowable error ≤1% FS

2)phase difference between fundamental voltage and current error:≤0.5°

3)Harmonic voltage containing rate measurement error:≤0.1%

4)Harmonic current containing rate measurement error:≤0.2%

5)Three phase voltage unbalance degree error:≤0.2%

3. Operating temperature: -10℃~+40℃

4. dielectric strength

1) the insulating resistance of voltage current input terminal to case≥100MΩ

2) the input terminal of the working power can stand 1.5kV (RMS) to case, time is 1 minute

5.Standard power energy pulse constant: 

1)Built-in transformer (FL)=10000 r/kW·h 

2)Split-core type transformer: (FL):

10000r/KW·h2000 r/KW·h500 r/KW·h100 r/KW·h125 r/KW·h25 r/KW·h
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