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ZCQG-C Power Frequency Inductive Voltage Divider

The 200V power frequency self coupling inductive voltage divider uses self coupling two stage voltage proportional device to cascade operation mode, and generates any voltage proportion value by switching the switch. It has the advantages of accurate voltage ratio, stability and giving the universal ratio. This device can be widely used in various measuring circuits and measuring devices.

Technical indicators

1. Environment

1) Temperature:20±5℃

2) Relative humidity:<80%

3) Altitude:<1000m

4) Interference:No strong electromagnetic interference source and vibration

2. Power supply conditions

1) Frequency:50±0.5Hz

2) The input voltage distortion coefficient:<5%

3. Performance index

1) Rated primary voltage:200V

2) Rated secondary voltage:0~200V

3) Rated load:0VA

4) Accuracy class:0.002

5) Weight:11Kg

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