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ZXBP Series Of Electronic Multiple Frequency Deviser

The induction voltage test of transformer and inductor is an important test to ensure the quality of the product . The test of voltage resistance between turns, interlayers, intersections and phases of transformer windings is important in transformer insulation test. The test of longitudinal insulation needs to press test voltageto to the frequency doubling power , then carried out.the results.

The ZXBP series of electronic multiple frequency deviser is designed to satisfy the above requirements.And it was confirmed by vast number of users .

Technical indicators


2. Input voltage:AC:380V±10%,Three-phase,

(Note: the single phase 220V can also be connected to the A and C ends of the power input, but the capacity at this time is almost halved)

3. Power frequency:50Hz。

4. Output voltage:0~400V (When the Step-up transformer is added, the voltage is rise, it need to select a different configuration.)             

5. Output frequency:50Hz,100Hz,150Hz,200Hz(alternative)

6. Harmonic distortion rate:<3%

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