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XZ-2 High Voltage Phase Sequence Indicator

The instrument can test voltage 50V-500V and 6kV above, check if the phase sequence is A-B-C for three phase power source. It is simple to operate and small in size.

Technical indicators



〈1〉Input voltage: 50V-500V and 6-10kV respectively, and voltage above 35kV, can be customized

〈2〉Power supply voltage: dry battery 9V

〈3〉Instrument Length 125mm width 65mm, height 60mm

〈4〉Weight: 0.3KG

〈5〉aluminium alloy box: length 225mm, width 105mm, height 115mm, weight: 0.3KG

〈6〉Applies to high voltage 6-10kV and above,, there are three insulation rods (length 2 meters) with 36MΩ damping resistance

The operation video
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