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TAG-9000 GPS Wireless High Voltage Phasing Tool

This remote wireless high-voltage phasing device using GPS accurate timing technology and wireless transmission technology for very long distance phasing, short distance phasing and RMU induction point phase identification, also with high voltage detection, phase sequence and frequency checking function, suitable for 5V ~ 500KV transmission line live operation.

The instrument includes two set of phasing testers (two carrying boxes, separate one can be used for short distance phasing), each set contains one receiver, X Y transmitter, and telescopic insulation probes which are high voltage insulating parts, moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, anti-bending.

Technical indicators

1. Phase error accuracy:

Short distance phase check: error≤3°

Long distance phase check – precision mode: ≤3°

Long distance phase check – timing mode: ≤6°

2. Frequency accuracy: ±0.1Hz

3. Wireless line-of-sight transmission distance >100m

4. Remote wireless transmission distance in GPS timing mode(distance between two receivers): ≥500km

5. Result definition: A-grade standard, phase angle ≥30° is opposite phase, phase angle<30° is in-phase

6. It can continuously work for 30 minutes even when there is no GPS signal

7. It can measure under different voltage level

8. High voltage electronic detecting and phase sequence checking function

9. Can be used for switch cabinet live monitor phase checking

10. Can store 800 groups of testing results, can review and delete the results

11. Insulation rod length 3 meters, applies to voltage ≤220KV

12. Leakage current: <10uA

13. Sender power dissipation<0.1W, receiver power dissipation<0.3W

14. Rechargeable lithium battery: in receiver: 2200mAh, in transmitter 350mAh

15. Working environment: -35℃~+45℃ Humidity: ≤95%RH

16. Storing environment: -40℃~+55℃ Humidity:≤95%RH

17. The whole equipment weight: 5KG*2

18. Box size: 71×26×11cm*2

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