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XZ-3 Wireless High voltage Phase Testing Instrument

This instrument is used for Three phase line phase sequence test, phase difference test, and phasing test. It is suitable for 6KV~220KV power line live operation. It is composed of X transmitter, Y transmitter, Z transmitter, receiver and accessories. Safe and reliable, easy operation.

Technical indicators

1. Phase error accuracy: error ≤10°

2. Frequency accuracy: ±0.1HZ

3. Test voltage range: 6KV-220KV

4. Wireless transmission distance: > 130 meters

5. Result definition: A->B->C when difference between any of the two is 120°: positive phase sequence, otherwise: reverse phase sequence

6. Phase angle ≥30° is opposite phase, phase angle<30° is in-phase

7. Human voice reminding the testing results

8. Receiver can display battery status, auto power off if no operation within 30 mins

9. Rechargeable lithium battery inside in receiver and sender

10. Leakage current: <10uA

11. Transmitter power dissipation<0.1W, receiver power dissipation<0.4W

12. Working environment: -35℃~+45℃ Humidity: ≤95%RH

13. Storing environment: -40℃~+55℃ Humidity:≤90%RH

14. The whole equipment weight: 6.5KG

15. Packing Box size: 71×35×11cm

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