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ZXYTM-Ⅲ Insulating Boots Gloves Withstand Tester

It is application to test leakage current, insulation aging, power frequency of insulating gloves and boots. This Machine can test 3 pairs each time and tell leakage current of each pair to find which one is unqualified. There are trundles in the bottom which make it more convenient for moving

Technical indicators

1.Input voltage: ~220V,50HZ

2.Output voltage:0-30kV or 50kV

3.Capacity:3KVA or 5kVA

4.Measurement quantity: 6 units each time 

6.Measurement data: display and print voltage and leakage current for every unit

7.LCD display with print function

8.Accuracy: Voltage±2%(±3 bits)Current ±2%(±3 bits)

9.Total weight about 80-100kg

The operation video
Product Certificates

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